Dear couples and dear patients due to the great interest, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, and in the desire to meet the needs of our patients, Dr. Mirjana Andjelic spec. gynecology and obstetrics, subspecialists in sterility and fertility has decided to provide you with online consultations in the treatment of sterility, in vitro fertilization and other health problems.

For all the details and the price of the consultation, call the Gynecology and Obstetrics partice Andjelic.

There is a possibility of online consultations in English.

Phone numbers: +381 21 301 06 81i +381 62 787 578

Or contact us via email:

Dr. Mirjana Andjelic is the creator of an extremely successful individual and personalized approach in the treatment of sterility, and a doctor with decades of success in the treatment of sterility and managing pregnancies in a large number of couples in the country and abroad.